A Making Story Behind the Delicious Fusion Tea

Fusion tea is one of the examples of beverages which made using infusion method so that it has more strength flavor when drunk. So, let’s get deeper explanation about it.
Infusion method to make a tea
There are a lot of types of teas and the process to make them sometimes is not as simple as what we might ever think. Infusion method actually is not only used in tea making process but also for other beverages. Infusion itself means to make a drink by adding flavoring ingredient whether it is a tea or other herbs into a liquid, most likely into a hot water. Infusion is also renowned to be a popular method to prepare teas and herbal teas or commonly called as tisanes. People are also called this process as brewing and it likely contains few steps. First, you need to pour hot water into plant matter like dried leaves of tea. Then, you have to wait within a certain period of time until the tea gets done. This process is popularly called as steeping in tea making process. After the tea is complete, remove the plant matter first before you sip it. This method can be used to make various kinds of teas whether it is a classic pure tea or the ones which have blended with spices and other herbs. Through a proper infusion method, you can produce a fusion tea which is not only giving an inner calm but also can make you enjoy every sip of it. The word infusion is also closely associated with an infused beverage. Occasionally, people use this word for tisanes which often called the herbal infusion. However, true teas might also represent this infusion well.
Tips on making fusion tea
Infusion method to make a tea is actually a simple process to do. These are several tips of infusion which can produce a better quality of tea. The important thing you need to keep in mind when you want to make infusion beverage is actually the time when you do the infusion. To get a tasty flavor of teas, you need to determine the right timing. Most likely teas have been presented with brewing times and you had better follow it. Another thing you have to know is each tea has its own temperature to serve its best flavor. Lighter teas usually have a lower temperature so not all of them have one temperature to be optimized. The preference of drinkers of a tea also can be different. A tea brewed at recommended temperature does not mean that you will like it. If you already get a tea you like, you had better follow the recommendations and suit it with your individual taste. Using more leaves instead of longer time both could produce strong brew and less bitterness. Some materials of teapots are not good for your health so that you need to avoid using it. Metal pots, for example, can produce toxic when reacting with certain types of herbs. So, you should avoid aluminum pots when making fusion tea.

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