Flower Tea and Its Wonder Work for Health

Flower tea, a combination of tea and flower which is also known as flowering tea makes favorite drink thanks to its refreshing and unique taste. The making of this tea is rather unique by wrapping together dried tea leaves and flowers before setting them for drying into a bulb shape. The bulb is then put into the boiling water until the mixture expands and unfurls similar to a blooming flower. Originated in Yunnan Province in China, this tea has a bundle of health benefits.

Rich in Antioxidants

Teas are high in powerful antioxidant contents to help to remove the harmful toxins from the human body. Uniquely, the blooming tea has very unique yet rare antioxidant compounds that can only be found in this tea type. The compounds are known as catechins and flavonoids that make very good compounds for the body.

Nourish the Skin

Every type of tea is rich in a special compound known as polyphenols. This is the particular compound known to be very helpful to make skin beautiful and healthy. Meanwhile, the antioxidant properties that your body receives when consuming the flower tea multiply the benefits because your body is also protected from the UV radiation harshness. At the same time, your body will also keep repairing and maintaining the cells and tissues to make sure you stay healthy. Moreover, the tea consumption also helps to reduce the reaction of the enzyme causing elastin and collagen breakdown in the skin.

Boost Metabolic Rate

Here is another great benefit. Blooming tea consumption helps to increase the metabolic rate. In fact, the rate increases in very impressive level. Apparently, the antioxidant compounds have something to do with it by becoming the effective supplement to burn fats. They keep the metabolism efficiency in normal level in order to avoid obesity. Moreover, it they also make sure to prevent the fats from becoming excessive.

Cancer Prevention

Tea has been strongly linked to cancer prevention and it has been proven through some research. People who regularly consume tea or blooming tea, in particular, are less likely to suffer from cancer thanks to the high antioxidant compounds inside the tea. What makes these compounds unique are their anti-cancer and anti-mutagenic functions. Therefore, the DNA is kept and protected from any damage leading to cancer.

Alleviate Stress

To de-stress, drinking blooming tea is simply an effective way thanks to its amino acids and theanine compounds. Those two different compounds are known for being mental calming compounds with stabilizing compounds to avoid stress mismanagement, anxiety and depression. A cup of coffee after a busy way at school or work relaxes the mind.

Kill Bacteria in Mouth

What most people do not realize is that the blooming tea has a great benefit linked to bacteria in the mouth. It has the anti-viral and anti-bacterial compounds to help to kill the bacteria in the mouth. This is a very good thing because bacteria itself when they are accumulated, they can lead to oral cancer.

Protect Heart

At the same time, the blooming flower tea is also known to help to regulate the LDL (bad) cholesterol that can lead to multiple ailments. It works by preventing any cholesterol oxidation that can weaken the arteries wall and cause improper blood circulation.

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