Kopi Luwak Production Using Animal Welfare System

We’re the first & the only one who produce Kopi Luwak using & implemented Animal Welfare rules in the production process.

CSR Program Kopi Luwak Welfare

CSR Program Kopi Luwak Welfare

In collaboration with Koperasi Nukita and Mammalogy Experts, who are members of “Tim Satwa Kita”. Since 2013, KLM (Kopi Luwak Manglayang) has implemented rules of Animal Welfare in the production process of civet coffee.

Animal Welfare rules which have been applied in the treatmend of Luwak KLM :

  • Cage system suitable for the expression of natural behaviour of animals
  • Feeding and drinking according to the needs of each individual, both the type and amount
  • Maintenance treatment that gives comfort for the animals
  • Maintenance treatment does not cause pain, injury and disease in animals
  • Maintenance treatment does not fear and stress in animals
  • Animals are free to express their natural behavior, both feeding behavior, social and reproductive
  • Periodic health checks pf animal and cage keeper and also strict supervision of cage hygiene
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