Numerous Health Benefits from Stevia Tea

Stevia tea is originated in South and North America and known for being an interesting type of tea. It started to become popular around the world when the scientists discovered its health benefits and nutrition. The fact that it is a very healthy artificial sweetener also makes it more popular. Compared to normal sugar, it is actually 40 times sweeter and also healthier.

Stevia Tea Health Benefits

For hundreds of years, the stevia leaves have been used by locals before they become internationally recognizable. Today, a lot of people know exactly what Stevie is, a sugar replacement with numerous health benefits including for those with diabetics. This has made more and more people use stevia as food additive and sweetener.

Control Diabetes

Here is the first health benefit is known by a lot of people. Stevia definitely has the ability to help controlling diabetes. It works by regulating the level of blood sugar inside the body. It also contains a certain compound known as stevioside, a compound of non-cabohydrate glycoside. When this compound breaks down, the particles that contain glucose will be absorbed by colon’s bacteria instead of absorbed into the bloodstream that can affect the body’s glucose level. Therefore, it becomes a plus sugar replacement for those with diabetics so they can keep consuming sugar without harming their bodies.

Help Losing Weight

When it comes to weight loss, the effort is always related to consuming low calorie and low sugar food and drinks. Stevia makes a great choice because it is low in calories although much sweeter compared to sugar. So, for the dieters, the diet program doesn’t have to be full of suffering because they can still have their sweet tooth without worrying about the weight. Consume foods and drinks made with stevia as a sweetener and the weight will still be in control. And the good news is stevia doesn’t affect the taste so the sweet snacks will still taste very good.

Regulate Blood Pressure

Consuming stevia tea regularly helps to regulate the blood pressure all thanks to the particular compound contained in this tea known as a glycoside. What this compound does is to relax the blood vessels, facilitate sodium elimination from the body and increase the urination. All these processes mean there is less stress on a cardiovascular system that leads to dropping in blood pressure. As a result, the heart health is protected and other ailments like strokes, heart attacks, and atherosclerosis are prevented.

Oral Health

Another health benefit from stevia tea is linked to oral health. According to the research, this tea effectively works to prevent gingivitis and cavities. It is no wonder that the stevia leaves have started to be used as alternative mouthwashes and toothpaste.

Skin Care

Apparently, stevia tea also has health benefit linked to skin care. Regular consumption of this stevia tea can help to treat certain skin conditions like dermatitis and eczema. For faster treatment, the stevia leaves can also be used as topical application. It works by inhibiting the bacteria spread so the condition doesn’t get worse.

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