Private Label : Spice Tea, Fusion Tea, Flower Tea, Fruit Tea and Stevia Tea

We have several products of Stevia tea, fusion tea, flower tea, fruit tea and spice tea.

You can choose the products, base on your needs and using your own label & brand. Here’s the list of products :

  1. Apple Tea1. Apple Caramel


1. Apple Caramel2

2. Banana Cream

2. Banana Cream 2. Banana Cream2

3. Black Lychee Tea

3. Black Lychee Tea 3. Black Lychee Tea2

4. Chai Tea

4. Chai Tea 4. Chai Tea2

5. Cinnamon Apple

5. Cinnamon Apple 5. Cinnamon Apple2

6. Earl Grey Tea

6. Earl Grey Tea2 6. Earl Grey Tea

7. English Breakfast

7. English Breakfast 7. English Breakfast2

8. Mango Mistique

8. Mango Mistique 8. Mango Mistique2

9. Passion Tea

9. Passion Tea 9. Passion Tea4

10. Rose Tea

10. Rose Tea 10. Rose Tea2

11. Strawberry Smoothies

11. Strawberry Smoothies 11. Strawberry Smoothies2

12. Sweet Black Tea

12. Sweet Black Tea 12. Sweet Black Tea2

13. Tropical Blue Tea

13. Tropical Blue Tea 13. Tropical Blue Tea2

Here’s a video about How To Grow & Process Stevia at our plantation field.

We have got some opportunity from Indonesian National TV (TVRI) to record, documented  a whole process. Here’s the video :

Product Description :

  • All ingredients are natural,
  • 100% homemade products,
  • Food grade packing,
  • 2x times free review design for packing,


Our Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) for sample is 10 kg using your own packing design per flavor.


  • T/T
  • Western Union
  • PayPal


  • Air Freight
  • Sea Freight

If you have any questions or inquiry, you can contact us or email directly to us :



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